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Dinner Time!

Dinner Time! - Guinea Pig Cages

I got this little bowl at the grocery store for 2.00. It makes a good veggie bowl, but the girls are too busy to notice :)
cute pigs!! I'm curious, what veggies do you have sliced up in there? looks yummy hehe

just one more thing, whats that hamster-sized litterbox doing in the corner? lol just wondering :)
I have some cucumbers, bell peppers and carrots cut up in there. That "litter box" is their food bowl, they were so happy when I put them in their new cage today that they just kicked bedding everywhere, including their food bowl. I might have to go get some more bowls like the one in this picture so they can't make such a mess!
That's a cool idea, lol. How many piggies are in here? I see three, is there a forth piggy? The veggie dish looks yummy :)
o haha sorry, looks alot like the litter box i used to use for my hamster, woops :) The veggies do look delish, maybe ill try bell peppers for Furby.

Its funny I had this exact cage layout planned for my cage if I could ever get my mom to go for a second pig. Wish I could have three pigs that would be so fun!
hey your bowl looks like the mini hamster one i got at Petsmart for $.99....maybe you should check there first to see if they have them and the store didn't rip you off! cute piggies!
I have that same bowl, color and all at home...I use it for my piggies veggies too! Cute piigies by the way

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