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Dexter's Cage

Dexter's Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

2 sheets of cloroplast- $20(a bargain, though they only had white)
2 sets of grid shelves- $28
bag of 100 cable ties- $3
organizer/hayrack- $3.50
EVerything else- already had!

Total cost- $54.50! (plus tax!)
This is a very nice condo, but it doesn't give your rabbit enough height to stand up on his hind feet. What about carpeting the second level and the step? It would give him more traction.
Don't want him chewing on carpet- and he doesn't use the step at all- I took it out.

I intend to make the one end higher when I find more grids. He has plenty of floor time- about three hours a day, so that will have to do for now.
I might also add that in that picture- from htat angle, Dexter looks huge- but sitting down he is about half the height of the floor. He can ALMOST stand fully upright.
I have deleted the other pictures of this cage, but am leaving this one in the slim chance it will help give someone an idea. Mainly, I get too many ridiculous comments on the cage- and questions that would be answered if people had bothered to look at ALL the photos. I do not like being reminded of my poor Dexter, my prince, the bunny-shaped hole in my heart- and constant emails that another criticism has been added coming at the exact wrong moment are very depressing. So, to clear things up for the top 5 most common questions-

1. there was a hayrack on the far end
2. no, he would NOT have prefered a water bowl to a water bottle
3. no, it is not necessary to have a cage covering
4. yes, it was messy stuff coming out the front, but you gotta sweep everyday anyway, right?
5. Dexter died in my arms of a viral infection at 3:12PM on July27, 2004- he was but 5 months old. Yes, he went to the vet. No they did not know what caused it. and No- nothing they did helped.

Now... look at my rat cage pics- Dexter's palace went to good use
::hugs::i know how you feel..if people wouldnt assume things they would learn more..sorry to hear about dexter..its hard loosing a beloved family member..I fear how i will be when my 7 yr old guinea pig eventually passes on..he is my first..at least u tried everything(vet). and his cage was awsome lots of room to run and stretch etc..not every bunny is as active as others(i.e. going up levels..some rather just lay around or run. im wanting some rats...they are cute lil buggers...wont till i move though...all my piggies and bunnies will have their own room to share(cages lower to ground,tiled floor split in half boys/girls,etc,,,dream setup lol..and ratties will go in my room prolly lol..anyways..know how ya feel about some people :)
I'm so sorry ::hugs:: I thought this was a great cage... I knew that if you took the time to come onto this site, make him a wonderful cage, and research you definately had hay... I'm sorry.

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