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Da Polgas new cage
Da Polga

Da Polgas new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Yet another photo
Very nice and spacious! What bedding are you using? I can't tell from the picture. And what's in the enclosed square on the second level?
Im using white carefresh in this photo. Though I am officially out of the white stuff and have to go back to the regular grey. The enclosed square on teh left hand second level contains the food and packaged hay. Though I will eventually put a drop feeder there. The right hand second level has a big hayrack made out of an angled grid.
Wow, it looks so bright with the white CareFresh! I bet your piggies love you for making them such a great cage!
Yeah it seems they are not wanting to hold still now. Always running around going muck muck muck... and squeeking with delight when they hear a carrot crunch.

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