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Current cage setup

Current cage setup - Guinea Pig Cages

This is the current cage set up. I recently changed the ramp though. I replaced the wooden ramp with a few connected grids and a towel. It works much better, is safer, and easier to clean. (I moved the water bottle and food dish for a better picture.)
Szumilas - That is the old ramp; I haven't gotten around to getting a picture of the new one. That was basically a 30" piece of wood (don't remember what type) with fleece attached. It didn't work out very well. My pigs love to race up and down the ramp and this was very unsafe, as well as unhygienic.
i cant understand why everybody is rating at every picture with 10 .my opinion is that everything is nice .but you need to put some colors some beds and some toys
Eliana - Thanks for your opinion, but my pigs don't enjoy toys. At most, they like small tunnels and toilet paper rolls. And, in case you couldn't see, there's a bed at the end of the cage.

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