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Curious Marvie
Whiskey Eyes

Curious Marvie - Guinea Pig Cages

I have been amazed how much more social my pigs are since increasing their cage size. They are so happy. Marvie, the one with the red and black face) was very timid and shy in her old cage, but is so happy now.
So Cute! Marvie looks a lot like my boy. Mine, too, are much happier in a big cage. I just put a new boar with my little guy and they've made quick friends. In fact, they even slept in the pigloo together last night. Nice cage, you may want to think of making it one cube bigger, to a 2x4. Especially if they enjoy running, which I'm sure they do. Great job!
Ohhh Infinity: ive got my plans to go and take them so your too late! and I plan on taking the cage along with them tee he he :p

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