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Cube tunnels

Cube tunnels - Guinea Pig Cages

I took cube crates and bent them. I used them for hidey house or tunnels to give them something to do. They just love them. I also have them for the girls too.
Yay!! I see them all up close! They are SOOO adorable! The hay looks soo yummy I wish I were a guinea pig! Lol, good job on the close up, you got lots of abbys!! So cute! Is that all the hay you give them?
Omg! Exactly how many wheekers do you have? That's insane. I mean, if that's ONLY the boys, sheesh, you must have tons!
All the pigs in this photo look related in some way, did they breed accidently or on purpose? Lol, I bought a pregnant rat by accident one time, DON'T DO THAT! Just for future reference. (and yes, I kept all the ratlings)

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Hidey Houses
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