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Corner Hammocky Hammock!

Corner Hammocky Hammock! - Guinea Pig Cages

I ordered this from the UK site, www.hammockyhammocks.co.uk where you can choose a customised hammock from a selection of fleeces, designs, and sizes. The service was quick and the craftsmanship worthy. With all profits going towards small animals in need, it is a fiver well spent! (alternatively
LOVE it! we have a few of these me and my mom made and we used them for the ferrets but they wernt very good for getting in and out so I might give them a wash in some vinegar to get ferrets smell off them and then just hook them in the pigs cage =)
Thanks for recomending the site, I've been looking for a place to buy hammocks for ages because they look very cool! I would thank you but im a newbie:( .

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