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I actually got this cage from Ebay-the nice lady pre-cut the coroplast for me. I was so thankful that I did not have to do it myself!
I really love this cage!! I am about to build my first C&C. I have the square grids and am going to a sign store today to get the base materials.

I have a question about your ramp... do you worry that the piggers will accidently walk off the side, or are they pretty confident when walking up it?

Thanks for the picture. :) I want to build one very much like it!!
aint the ramp slippery and hard to walk on? i would add carpet or sumptin.i personally think its a little small for 2 pigs but my boys are spoiled and have a 7ft. by 3ft. cage.
Actually a 2x3 is the minimum for 2 pigs so it is big enough. I like it, might want to add a barrier to the ramp and maybe some traction but that's all. I'm assuming the food and water is hidden from view.
Yeah. I am working on the whole loft thing. And the water bottles (2) are in a corner w/ the food...you can see them in other photos.

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