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Closer view of Hayloft/Hayroom

Closer view of Hayloft/Hayroom

You can see the suspended hayrack a little better in this photo. Part of the coroplast is from an old political sign. The girls enjoy making a mess out of their hayloft!
The rack is a grid bent into a half circle shape and it's suspended with homemade S hooks for easy removal. On each corner of the bent grid there is a zip tie in an oblong shape, but it hung too high so I added fleece ties to extend it to where it hangs lower.
Actually, that was only the hayloft. It was a 2x2 and underneath was a 3x5.75 cage.

Personally, I think you only left this rating and comment in retaliation because of the impaction you received by me yesterday.
Oh cool, thats very clever! Do your pigs eat all of it? And how often do you refill it?
This too is an old cage design. I wish I had room for this particular cage design again because it was my favorite. People are thinking that it's the entire cage, but it's not. It's ONLY the hay loft. Underneath was a huge 3x5.75 cage and a mini loft. There are other photos that show the rest of this cage.

The hayloft was cleaned every 3 days and all hay removed and replaced.

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