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Closed single level with base

Closed single level with base - Guinea Pig Cages

A single level 2x3 C&C cage with a base made from the storage cubes and cloth drawers to store my piggy supplies.
I love your storage bins! I need to pick up some of those to help hide everything we have sitting under our cage. I hung a fabric skirt up but I think that your bins look much more polished.
This is my favorite, good for the piggies, and something I would not be embarrassed to have in my living room. I was wondering, did you have to splice a too small piece of coroplast? Did you use packing tape? I cant find anyone selling big sheets of it in my hometown and going to the nearest bigger town during business hours is not something I can do in the near future. Was wondering how well taping peices togeather would work. Anyway...:love:... awesome cage..Im gonna make one.
Ha oh man, yes the coroplast was too small. It seems that i can't measure to save my life and i messed up pretty bad...It pretty much 60 percent duct tape Ha but its ok because it works and thats all the matters. It was white duct tape so it blended in, i also plan on covering the coroplast with some kind of wallpaper type thing because my guinea pig is chewing and eating the plastic....hes a pain in the butt sometimes ha
The bins...umm.. i think i got them at Target. I have seen them in Walmart before also, but i know that Target has a better variety.

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