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Close-up showing how to zip tie ramp to upper level
Slave to the Wheek

Close-up showing how to zip tie ramp to upper level - Guinea Pig Cages

Zip/cable tieing in this manner allows me to lift the ramp when I am working on the lower level. It's very secure and has lasted so far for six months so far
thats a great idea! and its lasted quite awhile....something i may have to consider
thanks i needed a bit help on what to do a ramp but now i know and where did you get the grids
Man, I never got notified of all these comments!. I'm soo sorry I never responded!!!

The grids are from Linens-n-Things. There is another pic in my album showing just the the ramp. It's 2 grids zip-tied together with about 15 zip-ties, then to support the ramp so that it doesn't bend in the middle, I zip tied a long piece of coroplast along the center. It's been 2 years, and this ramp is still going strong. I just wrap a fleece baby blanket around the coroplast and tuck it under to give them good grip and catch the pee.

For my landing, it was just zip-tied like crazy to the upper level cage. We cut a hole in the side of the cage, then sliced the edge of the coroplast and pulled it down. Then I cut another small piece of coroplast to the size of the landing, poked holes in it, then zip tied it to the landing and the cage.

The ramp was then zip tied to the landing portion, and the floor of the upper level..

When we removed the upper level, the ramp was lifted up and I just used bread ties to hold tie the ramp along the side of the upper level. If I had a pig in the upper level, I just slide a piece of coroplast along the edge of the cage to keep them from getting out of the ramp.

When I put the upper level on the floor sometimes, we just let the ramp be the 'entrance' to the cage during day long floor times. Sure was convienent when I wanted to let them outside for awhile. I'd just drop the upper level on the grass, cover it with something and let them run in/out along the ramp. They loved it and would zoom through it like that. Was like a little bitty maze thing.

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