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CC's bath time

CC's bath time - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is Cookies & Cream getting a long over due bath.
envisionary333! Just imagining that is so funny!
AmberEyedPiggy! I can totally relate to the 'war zone'! That's a funny picture,too!
RyanR! That's adorable! RIP CC! So sorry he's gone!
I have only figured out one way to make my pigs like baths a little bit more. Give them treats in the bath! I fill a sink with about an inch of already soapy water, and just let them sit in it for a minute or two while i give them a treat. Then a make their back soapy. I pick them up to drain a bit, then rise them off with the watering can. Then, just like envisionary333 I give them a bowl of their favourite treats.
i think it just depends on the piggy, most don't like baths as far as i can tell. I have 4 , the 2 boys i avoid bathing at all costs, 1 girl tolerates it and my abysinian girl LOVES her bath, but its more like a shower, she likes that better. i have the bathroom sink running with lukewarm water and i get her nice and wet then i put her on a towel and rub her gently with guinea pig shampoo then i rinse her off and wrap her up in a different towel and she becomes so relaxed!

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