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CC's bath time

CC's bath time - Guinea Pig Cages

Here is Cookies & Cream getting a long over due bath.
Oh yeah. When I had to give him the medication baths for his infected sores. He just lie there and enjoy them.
I remember when I first gave him that bath. He looked at me so odd for hours. I miss you CC.
I've never given a piggy a bath, i just got my first one about a week ago and jst build the first C&C cage for him, and he jumps and pops and runs! he just loves it!! Squeeling like crazy!! =D

I'll have to give mine a bath eventually i guess
When I give my piggy a bath, all of the bathroom becomes like a war zone...He hates it...Does anybody have any ideas how to make your piggy like the bath??
I've had to bathe all ten of my piggies at once, that was an adventure! I kept them all in a the "dirty" bin, which was a laundry basket, and washed them one at a time in some shallow trays of lukewarm water and shampoo, then moved them to the "clean" bin- which was a laundry basket filled with fresh towels and a plate of veggies. They hated the bath, but once they found the veggies they forgot all about it!

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