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cavy mini castle

cavy mini castle - Guinea Pig Cages

this is skittles mini castle!
on the bottom is his "run around area"
the second from the bottom is his playroom with his tunnel and boxes!
the middle is his bedroom/ bathroom
the very tip top is his kitchen and hay room!

(its open on those 2 floors because i need to be able to reach him.
That's pretty good, the only thing I would change if I were you would be the ramps. The ramps seem to be a tad bit too steep. Other then that your cage is good, and meets requirements for one pig 2x3. Might I also suggest getting him/her a same sex friend if you can as guinea pigs are social animals, then increase the bottom level to 2x4 for 2 pigs. Just keep in mind it is better for the pigs to have a longer cage than taller.
very creative cage! I have definately never seen any cage built like that before. Just make the ramps a little less steep. They may have a problem going up and down the ramp. Other than that, its nice =]
The ramps seem very steep, and need walls or something to prevent him falling off. The drop from the top of the second ramp to the bottom of the cage couldbe fatal.

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