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Cavy Condos #1

Cavy Condos #1 - Guinea Pig Cages

I finally have it built. Almost anyway. I still have to build the cabinet doors for the bottom but it is mostly finished.
My wife and daughther have a total of four pigs which are all female. I built it for them because they love their pigs. I remember them making comments that they (pigs) are are so fun to watch run around and popcorn. Now that's all they do! They really love the room in there.
Very nice indeed! A pleasure to look at! I love the clear front, makes for great viewing any time. You'll never miss anything!
No it wasn't a bookshelf. It was just an idea that turned in to this. Thanks for the comment.
Nice idea! It must blend in very well in your house instead of a metal cage. I love the idea but I am not good at building things, but you are so great you could be a carpenter.

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