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Cavy Condo for 2

Cavy Condo for 2 - Guinea Pig Cages

I love it great job super pretty! What is the width of the cage? Because I have a book case type thing and I am thinking of turing that into another cage (I am going to use your cage as a guide!) so I can possibly get more piggies!
hey how did you do it? what did you make the cage out of? i am going to need to do something like that with the limited space i have, and i can't find any grids. where do you get your grids? oh and can you pm me if i don't post after you? is it 2 compartments or 6?
mom just said i should try looking for a book case type thing so if you dont mind is that real wood or presed wood...its great i love it
Wow that is like one of the coolest cages I've ever seen! I love the purple ad the whole idea is just really creative! Your guinea pigs must have a blast in that cage!!

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