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Carsons new cage

Carsons new cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Carsons new 4x3 cube cage. He used to be in a small cage but when I came upon this website I built him this cage. He loves it and runs around all day, any suggestions are welcome as it is my first cube cage
It is amazing! You are so lucky to have that much space to devote to one guinea pig!!! Nice job. You should definately get him a friend!
thanks so much for the compliments!, the bottom is a old blanket, hes really good about using the litterboxes so i dont have to worry about anything leaking through, i really want to get him a friend but im having trouble finding a cavy rescue in virginia that is near me
UPDATE: The cage now has more toys and Carson has a new guinea pig friend!! thanks for all the comments!
What a huge cage for 1 piggie! Your piggie is very lucky to have you for an owner! I like the fleece. :) I only have one piggy but I've been improving his life in other ways right now until I can get another.

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