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Carrier = Toilet!

Carrier = Toilet! - Guinea Pig Cages

This is one of the carriers I use when the pigs go to the vets. It works great as a big toilet during floor time though! I just took off the foor and laid newspaper and a puppy pad down, and the pigs always use it.
Thats a good idea but do your pigs like to go in there my brothers pigs are are scared of everything. There names are Pepper and Patrick.
Yes, they do go in there. It's their main litter box during floor time. They are very good about using it; they get the idea but sometimes they will pee elsewhere. Or they'll half go in it and pee, completely missing the puppy pad.
My piggies always pee on my carpet ! I have my cage in my room and I just open a wee door on my cage and let them run free ! They always pee in the litter pan in their cage but when they are out they just pee everywhere ! Can I stop this ? Oh and what do you use to clean your carpet when they do their business on it ?

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