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Candy Cherry home

Candy Cherry home

This is the new happy house 2.20 x 0.70 cm for my two female piggies! Its in our living room, just to control the temperature when its hot with the A/C, becouse here in Crete Greece, sometimew the summer it goew up to 40' C. They listen music, watcing TV, and us to walk arround!
This is the most amazing cage EVER!!

I absolutely love the idea of using velcro, but don't they make it dirty??

Where did you get the tent+wooden hut thing??

I love it :)
Thank you PixiePrut!
My pigies don't make the velcro dirty, becouse their urine goes inside the plastic under their hayracks, which it has cats best universal pellets and some hay, to absorb everything (I change it every 4-5 days).
The tent+wooden hut thing, I bought those great stuff from a pet shop in Heraklion Crete Creece, which I bough also my pigies (its hard to ffind guinea pigs in Greece). The tent costs 13 euros and the wooden hut 25 euros.
Tessa Bea
Again, it's wonderful how it matches your home decor! My C&C cage looks so out of place...
I have seen many C&C homes for guinea pigs - some massive, some a little too small....this has to be one of my favorites! It's not too small, doesn't look impossible to clean, and it looks adorable! You did such a great job! :D
I must honestly say this is this most gorgeous piggie home I've ever seen! It's does just blend with the decor perfectly! I love the medieval theme - I have the same print in my home!
Great piggie home, great people home! I recognized the painting, it is The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton http://is.gd/cbQ2P . I adore the Pre-Raphaelite painters. I have tramped all over England to see their paintings, but that one is in somebody's country home somewhere I think! I'd so love to see the original.

I admire you for providing an excellent cultural and domestic environment for your piggies! Maybe they are the best housed piggies in Crete!

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