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Cages for 7

Cages for 7 - Guinea Pig Cages

In the 2x3.5ft wooden run are Saffron & Breanna, my 12 weeks old girls. Just waiting for Bree to grow so they can move in (safely) with Tuppence & Jasmine.

Lower level of the 2 level 2x7 belongs to Dexter, Lottie and Gwenivere. Upper level is Tuppy and Jasmine.
That is a great cage and looks similar to what I'm planning to build. I don't see a ramp, are they connected or two seperate cages. Also how do you open up the bottom level to take out them out or to clean? Thanks!!
Your cage looks great! A quick question, does it get too dark on the bottom level? I was thinking about building one like that but was worried it would dark most of the day down there! Thanks
The lower level did get dark, I eventually had the larger number of pigs in the upper level with just two pigs at the bottom. Less mess, less dark. This is an 'old' cage design though, the current one is an open divided 3x7.

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