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Cages for 14 (Jan 2010)

Cages for 14 (Jan 2010) - Guinea Pig Cages

Upper Left - 2x4 for 2
Upper Right - 2x4 for 2
Lower Left - 2x5 for 2
Middle - 2x5 for 2
Lower Right - 4x5 for 6
Why so many piggies...lots of rescues round here. I didn't think I could extend the previous design but turned out I could, hence the two new pigs. No more room now!

Another new cage design in the pipeline though. :D
You have done an amazing job! I would be so tempted to climb right into the cage with them. :)
Thanks for caring for these rescues! What a difference you are making!
I love this cage design! I know you have changed it, but would love to pick your brain about this one! I have a herd of 11, but they are seperated into 6 different groups (unfortunatly my boys do not get along & there has been a lot of blood shed, so they are officially seperated for good). My main question is how did you clean the bottom part that is under the 2 2x4? Also, is the green stuff coroplast or something else?

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