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Cage3 - Guinea Pig Cages

I store my gp supplies in a rubbermaid tub next to the cage. This tub is also my emergency cage in case of fire, since the lid will keep out smoke for a short amount of time (until we can get out!). Of course, I would not keep the lid on for any longer than necessary!
I use to have my 3X3 in that same design until it kept coming apart but I don't see that happening here. Great job!
What a lovely cage, I really like it, and well done on the fire plan you have, you sound like a top cavy mum.
Awesome cage! When I get some more grids I'm going to redo my cage like that, how do you support/hold up the second level?
Very nice! Where is the ramp? I don't see one. Good idea to keep a bin incase of a fire. I think I will do that too. I'm really scared of fires!:eek:

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