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cage set-up

cage set-up - Guinea Pig Cages

I've moved out of my parents house, so here is the set up of the cage I'm building in my room =)
it is 1.75 m by 0.7 m and it wil be housing 3 piggies in the future.

I'll keep you posted about the progres!
It looks nice. Will you be lining it with coroplast or something waterproof? Won't the pigs chew on the wood? What kind of wood is it?
I'm going to line it with linoleum, I don't know how to get coroplast where I live (europe) but it isn't near being finnished :)
I don;t know what kind of wood it it, but they can't reach it so they can't chew on it. I pay attention to that :)

thank you for liking it!
Im in europe.any time there is an election or voting going on the streets are lined with coroplast boards . So when voting is finished I cut them down and take them home. Check your local government offices they usually have some or recycling place. Best of all it's free.
thank you for the tip, Princesspoppy! I'll keep that in mind for the next time I'll need it :) because I already have a piece of linoleum that I can use, but again thanks for the tip :)

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