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Cage for Bunny

Cage for Bunny

I used L shaped shelf holders to reinforce the upper level. I wrapped a twin fleece blanket around a sheet of coroplast for the floor and glued grass carpet onto the upper level. The bottom front three panels can open to allow access to the cage, and to let the bunny out for exercise time, while st
I love the cage. Nice and uncluttered. (not that toys arent nice, a few that are rotated regularly or are on a separate floor are great) I understand that some bunnies might eat the carpet and some simply do not care to chew everything up. Hopefully your is not a chewer. Mine wont even nibble towels or work their teeth on their toys. . Does the bunny just jump to the next floor? Have you ever given your bunny a hammock? My two fight over theirs. Kinda like my kids, you can have 10 of something in a room and they fight over the same one. You bunny is very cute by the way.
Is there a reason you decided to use carpet on the 2nd level and fleece on the bottom? BTW Great Cage!

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