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Cage Build - Complete

Cage Build - Complete - Guinea Pig Cages

Just need my 2 rescue piggy girls now! :-)

Made a storage space underneath. What you think?
Hello! I think you've done a great job- this is definitely the kind of cage I'd like when I'm in a position to adopt pigs. So I might copy you if you don't mind!

Where did you get the grids?
What type of beding did you end up using?
and is this setup big enough for 2 piggies? I know officially its supposed to be 2x4 but it looks pretty big.

Thank you!
Hi greenbeans,

I don't mind you copying my cage design at all, go ahead. I'm flattered, thanks.

My silver mesh grids are 35 cm, which is 13.77 inches precisely. On the Cavy Cages main page it says the average grid is 14" square (those grids most of the American's have, with the wider gaps in the mesh). So the silver mesh grids I have are about the same width. Given this, cavy cages recommend that a 3x2 is the minimum size for two piggies. I'd agree with that, I have two girls; if I'd gotten two boys (who would be bigger) it would be a tad on the small side. 3x2 is fine, but believe me once you have all the accessories in the cage it doesn't leave that much running space. So I'd recommend building a 2x4 which would be the perfect size (I'm adding another grid on soon).

I purchased my grids from Wickes in store, I cannot see them listed on the website: https://www.wickes.co.uk/ They came in a pack that makes 4 'cubes'. I wrote down the code and details from the sticker on the shelf, so hopefully if your local store don't have them in they can order them for you. Details as follows:

Storage Cubes PK4 XT

I actually got 2 packs for £4.99 each because the 'new boy' obviously made a typeo on the sticker price! By law they had no choice but to sell me them at that price, so I got lucky!

You'll need 2 packs to achieve the size cage I have now, ideally 3 packs for the 2x4 cage if you want all the connectors.

I recommend reinforcing the connectors with cable ties, which is what I have done. This way when you're pulling the cage about to clean the grids have no chance of getting loose! Also for the bottom layer construction, in case you were wondering, I have 3 grids in a row in the middle reinforcing the top level.

Another tip, DO make the correx sides 6 inches high as suggested by Cavy Cages. Mine are only 4 and half inches and when my piggies run about sawdust goes all over the edge!

I'm using pine shavings for bedding largely, with old towels under their pigalo's to lay on (I need to change these daily 'cos they pee all over them!)

I hope this helps you, if you want any other advice just let me know.

Good luck! :)
Wow! This advice is great!

You were so lucky getting those cheap grids from Wickes...guess it was just 'meant to be'!

I am bookmarking this for when I finally get my piggies

Thanks so much!
It looks really good,

Random but isn't your bedding and food from pets at home? I have the same :)

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