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cage and the first bday of my girl

cage and the first bday of my girl

LoveMyPiggies02 why do you have to be so negative about everybody?

iamanalien I like your veggie plate, cute idea!
ahhhhhhhhh there are so many veggies my guinea pigs would be in heaven
LoveMyPiggies02 it was her bday so it was obviously a special treat and there is more than one guinea pig in there
Skinny Pig
LoveMyPiggies02 wrote "That is way too much vaggies for a guinea pig!"
They said "a" guinea pig not two guinea pigs or three. They just stated that it was too much for a guinea pig. It's like getting a birthday cake, and not sharing it, yes, you will probably share it. They might not have known if you, imanalien, were keeping the other pigs away, or if you let them share. Not everyone can get their meaning into the words. If someone said something on this, you would never know if they said in a pleasant voice or a down-right mean voice.

They could have been making a joke. I looked at it, and laughed. When you guys looked at it, you might not have gotten the same message.
I love the fruit arrangement! Haha! Maybe take out the stuffed animals to make it look like it has more space! Check out my friend and mine's website! GuineaPigSpa.webs.com. Your cage is very pretty though!
A pig should have minimum of a cup of veggies a day. I see no harm in the amount.

Very cute picture! Happy birthday to her!
i prepare too much veggies because it was her birthday, and was an special ocassion, and she dont eat all. :) dont worry
I feel the need to add that this wasn't probably all for one piggy, as you can see another poking it's head out in the bottom left corner. :) I don't think that it is too many veggies, though! Guinea pigs need veggies to survive!

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