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C&C cage. 3x4. Two level. Bridge. Ramp. Hammocks (makeshift). Built in hay rack. Easy open for easy cleanup. Cleaning flap.
My first and I think it is turning out really well... :)
Thanks! It's my first cage and I've been at it for two days straight. After the finishing touches are set I'll be ready to bring my piggies home!
Its really nice! I love that even without the other stuff it looks neat, to me at least. Are you putting more grids upstairs in the front?
I don't think so. The second floor is about 14" away from the front so I'm not worried about the getting out, especially because I'm planning on getting babies. But if it turns out to be a problem I have some extra grids I can attach to it later.
Nice cage! Please attach some grids to the loft and the ramp so they don't fall off and injure themselves. If you're getting babies, please babyproof the cage. Their heads can get stuck in the grid holes.
Where are you getting the babies from? Please adopt and don't support petstores or breeders.
Thanks for the advice. I'm a newbie at guinea pigs so I had no idea they would try to jump off the second floor. I'll do something about that. How do I baby proof the grid holes?
I would love to adopt but unfortunately where I live shelters focus on cats and dogs because guineas are rarely seen here. They're not very popular. I had to go to five pet shops just to find a place that sold them.

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