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Bunny cage is finished

Bunny cage is finished - Guinea Pig Cages

One ramp is a shelf I bought at a goodwill store for $2. I covered it in fleece and they cant fall thru the grids. The other is one I built. Plywood, peel and stick tile, a couple of boards and fleece. They get up and down just fine. I did use some grids at the very top shelf to prevent them from ac
I really like the look of this cage, it's a wonder they can get to the top level! Do they like half jump it? I think a sky walk is a wonderful idea, I was actually thinking of doing that with my pigs except having it go around the perimeter of my cage with a few exits. =) The only problem would be cleaning and catching a hiding pig from inside there, maybe I could make it so the sky walk has an openable lid! =o
They get plenty of time outside the cage too. Are out most of the time and run back to eat, drink and do that other thing. lol. I just figure if they have to be in the cage at all, even for a little while, they should have plenty of room and exercise. They love the ramps and race up and down the with no problem at all. I dont know if guinea pigs can be trained to come when called, but the bunnies have been with small pieces of cucumber as a reward when they do so. I know piggies love cucumber as an occasional treat, but carrot pieces or cilantro might work too. My bunnies come running as soon as I smooch for them, it helps when I clean and need to herd them into their cage for the night.

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