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Bunny cage is finished

Bunny cage is finished - Guinea Pig Cages

One ramp is a shelf I bought at a goodwill store for $2. I covered it in fleece and they cant fall thru the grids. The other is one I built. Plywood, peel and stick tile, a couple of boards and fleece. They get up and down just fine. I did use some grids at the very top shelf to prevent them from ac
Thanks. Just as a warning though. This cage was fine for about a week, but last night during my checks on the animals Pogy had her head in one of the little squares. Be careful with these cubes if you have a smaller bunny. She is only 6 weeks old. She is fine, a little buttery in the head area, but she wont be doing that again. I watch carefully now and she will be in a special cage when she cant be checked on often. She is a bit peeved over the butter, but is still giving bunny kisses out. Any ideas are welcome. I thought about building a skywalk out of plexiglass with rails on the sides. They could see thru. A different perspective for them. We will see.
I am shocked at how amazing this is, lol. I truly do love it<--one of my fav. cages of all times! I really want to get a rabbit...are they hard to take care of?
Hi, I wonder if you know that rabbits should have their water in crocks (heavy stoneware bowls) instead of bottles. Their water should be changed a couple of times during the day. Bottles are harder to wash and bowls can be easily wash with hot water and soap. I belong to a rabbit forum and that's where I learned so much about my rabbit. OREO rabbit forum

Ps- water bottles also leak and can leave a puddle
I have a crock also with water in the back of the cage. They tend to get it a little fowled up though, so I also keep a water bottle too. I use a baby bottle brush in it to keep it clean and sanitize a couple of times a week. Water bottles usually leak when the dripper end isnt screwed on tightly enough (I learned this the hard way) I do change their water 2 times a day. Once in the morning when I am cleaning the cages and again in the afternoon when I dustbust.
gpigluver14, yea, they use all the levels and race up and down the bottom ramp quite a bit chasing each other around. I put hay in the top now also and they go up there to munch and relax. There are litterboxes on every floor. They have been very happy in this cage. PoGo will lay in the hammock and eat hay while laying down, lol. Lazy bunny.
Hey, great job on the bunny cage. I think the bunnies will be very happy in it. Two thumbs up!!
This is an excellent cage! My bunny has free range and is only in his cage to eat but if I too keep him in a cage more I would definately build a cage like this! I love how even though it is so elaborate it still does not take up that much space! Great job!

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