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Bunnies - Guinea Pig Cages

Here's another photo of the cage that Jennie built
Nice cage, but I hope those are aspen shavings. Pine shavings can cause severe liver damage in rabbits.
Beautiful cage! Your bunnies look very happy. :) I like the ramp leading out from the cage too!

Bunnyluv - Can I ask what the symptoms are of liver damage? I have a friend who has a rabbit who has lived on pine shavings for awhile now. I had no idea they were bad for them.
Cool Cage!
Do pine really cause liver damge? Because I have one ancient rabbit who has had them all his life and he is perfectly happy and healthy.
Our vet said that mostly all Pine and Cedar are not good. I have heard otherwise.....But I use carefresh and fleece.
I see that you have 2 bunnies. That cage is kind of small, because 1 rabbit is suposed to have 10 sq ft per rabbit. You only have 6 sq feet. Just telling you!
bunnyluva09 There is a ramp leading on to the floor so I think that means they are pretty much free range.
cool cage! I want to get a bunny! Would a rabbit and bunny be Ok for free time together? Would that be better instead of two guinea pigs? because I can't fin another female in my area and I have been waiting like 2 -3 months!

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