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Buffet on 2nd deck

Buffet on 2nd deck - Guinea Pig Cages

Bubbles hogging the buffet.
Yes they are, but my Gals do not really eat them.

I will just squeeze a drop or two of citrus (lime, lemon, orange, grapefruit... what I have on hand) on the veggies occasionally for that extra Vit C kick. I usually leave the squeezed lime in there if they want a lick or two they can have.

I will also leave orange peels occasionally... but they don't like the peels.
Thanks Animalhouse36!
Yup, you are right about the fruit!

Not too much fruit in their diet and read Ly&pig's chart for proper feeding.
i use a ash tray as my pigs food bowl other wise her cage mate would knock it over plus it is cheap.

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