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My daughter (age 10) bought this little guy with her own money. She researched for two years before we finally said yes. She found this web site and we learned that his pet store cage was way too small. We built this cage together and now we are getting another piggy. (we will be adding on later
Hooray for your daughter being responsible enough to do some research first, and hooray for YOU for making sure she was ready!
Thanks! She's amazing. I can ask her what foods he can have and she will lecture me about which ones he can and can't have. He is definitely loved. Now we are thinking a friend is in order for him!
That is so sweet, I have a 10 yr old daughter and she loves our piggers, although they are still so skittish, she would be the same way if she found it "interesting" enough (with the lecturing and stuff), SMART GIRL you have there, your a great mommy!!
Thanks, AngieKay...We got the new guinea pig, and named him Spike. We adopted him from a rescue and so far things are going very well. We completely changed the cage, though, and removed the loft area to give more floor space for running around. We now have a 2x4 C&C. They seem to like it better and are running laps!
Okay, now my cage looks nothing like this one! It is one level, 3x3 with another 3x5 play area attached to a corner, which they enter through a tunnel. They are so happy in it!

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