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Bob & Alexs' free range

Bob & Alexs' free range - Guinea Pig Cages

My Piggies floor time! Easy to make & easy to set up and break down.
Looks like they have a lot to play with! But you may want to think about taking some things out, only because they probably can't run around too good. By the way you have very cute babies!
Thank You! I absolutely adore them. It is a little crowded, I usually dont have the cozy's in there. I was cleanning thier cage and they were in there for a long time and needed a nice cozy nap.
Awsome!! I love this set up a lot. Oh and you piggy is abosolutety adorable! (again) Does that take awile to get set up and clean up though?
Woah. This is insane(in a good way). There is SO much to do! This is just way to cute, and the piggies are adorable!!!
Maduska: Sorry for taking so long to respond, but my cats do not bother the guinea pigs. If anything they are affraid of them!

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