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Biscuit's last photo

Biscuit's last photo

The last photo of Bissy alive
I messed up on her AGE. I have HAD her four months so I believe she was about 6-8 weeks old when I got her so she should be about six months old or in that vicinity.
THANK YOU 3piggymomma. She was wasn't she. I can still "see" her and "hear" her and the silence in reality is deafening and a pall has been cast over my apartment today that ONLY time can rectify. LOTS and LOTS of time. THANK YOU for your words :)
OH GOD it is so bad. I can't STOP looking for her and listening for her and crying knowing I will never see or hear her AGAIN. Thank you for your words. It helps to KNOW someone out there "understands" and cares. THANK YOU
Yes she was my screamer. She was the mother of three babies two sons and a daughter I have now discovered. I have NO idea what happened cause she went FAST. But being a "new piggy owner" (only since June) I may have missed something. But she seemed just fine til the last night of her life when she stopped eating and drinking and got quiet and hid away. I picked her up and held her and then she died. The shock and pain and grief all week has been a nightmare. Two days later one of my elderly mice passed away. Then today one of my seven year old kuhli loaches (fish) I found dead so I have always heard death comes in threes (some superstitious mumbo jumbo) and I hope now with this third death inside a week, NO MORE death is lurking about :(
Aww that's so sad. :( I hope nothing else happens to the rest of your pigs, as well as you other pets.
You just have to stay strong for your other piggies and all those cute babies!
Baranderson, I understand and sympathise so much. She was a beautiful piggie and was clearly happy, seeing how relax she is on her last pic.

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