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Bigger cage!

Bigger cage! - Guinea Pig Cages

Here's the newer, bigger cage! As you can see, I've got it sitting on a cube stand. I made the stand with zip ties instead of connectors, so the cage was a teeny bit long/wide for it. To fix this, I put the extra bits of coroplast under the cage.

It's also got a door that unclips and swings back, t
Very Nice. I love how you have used the extra space under a bunk bed for the cages.
OH MY GOSH! You took off the futon to the bed. I used to have a bed exactly like that and loved the futon. It looks just like my old bed, the color and shape. Sorry, anyways, that is very creative cage and if you don't like futons or you don't want to use a futon at the moment, it is a very great way to save space. Great cage, it's nice and big. I really like the space underneath the cage where you can store stuff, everything looks so easy to get to.
I havea bed similar to that except mine is just the top bunk with space underneath and thats what ive done with my cage ! it keeps it out the way really well !

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