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Bette in her pen

Bette in her pen - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Bette Davis in her pen. As you can see, the sides are high. Sorry I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing but I hope you get the idea.
Oh I love your pen for her! Is that what she stays in all the time or is that just for play time and exercise? I like it. I hope it's big enough. Shes a cutey.
This is what I call the main part of the house. It is a five foot diameter wading pool and she shares it with her two "sisters". On the side of the pool, I cut an opening so they can get out into their fenced in "yard". The pool contains three pigloos (the flower pots are gone), sandstone slabs, water bottles and the hay area. I don't keep their hay in a rack, just put it down for them to much and wallow in. They love fresh hay daily! In the yard are some crumpled newspaper pages, a long, square cardbaord tube, their dish of pellets and various other things at other times. They really like tissue paper but it must be white. Colored tissue paper contains dye that sometimes comes off when it gets wet. This is also where I give them their veggies... in their garden! They love to lay around "outside" during the day but scamper "inside" for serious adventures in hay mounds and sleeping in privacy as well as getting drinks.

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