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Benny's Cage

Benny's Cage - Guinea Pig Cages

This is Benny's cage. He's usually only in there during the day while we're away. He has free range of pretty much the whole house during the evenings.
This is really great. Quick question, how much did this cost to make? My aunt recently acquired a female mini-lop found outside of her office and she's got it in her old rabbits cage, which is pretty much a wirefloored small dog crate. I really want her to make one of these, but I doubt she'll do it without a lot of convincing, so I'm trying to gather as much info as possible. Any help is appreciated. Beautiful bun, by the way.
Thanks! Mine cost about $100 to make but that's because I live in a rural area and supplies are harder to find here. I used 3 packs of grids for about $20 each, 1 sheet of coroplast which was $35 and lots of cable ties. If you live in or close to a city and you're not as fussy about colours as I was then you could probably make one for a lot cheaper. I really think its worth the cost though because he's so much happier.
I made a 4 x 2 x 3 condo for my rabbit for around $40. We bought two boxes of grids from costco for $30 and one sheet of white coroplast from a sign supply store for $9. My uncle made a wooden base for the cage (to lift it off the ground) for free, and we used carpet scraps from our attic to carpet the upper levels.
It's so nice to know that your bunny gets plenty of free range time! I've looked at your gallery and it looks like any animal that enters your home is spoiled rotten!!!! : ) Just lovely!
I made a two by three for only 20 bucks! I got the grids on sale for 15 bucks and the bottom I didn't use cholorplast but something similar for only a few bucks!
Is the bottom of it just lined with coroplast? I can't quite make it out in the picture.
I would like to get my hands on some for my rabbit's cage, but I worry he'll just chew it to bits!
When you let him out to be free range.. is he litter trained? I kinda wanted to look into bunnies and was wondering about the free range thing... ? (I've gotta ton of research to do before I even look into getting one.. :D Plus my parents will never let me.)

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