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Another use for coroplast
Disney Pigs

Another use for coroplast - Guinea Pig Cages

I know 20 gallon long aquariums work well for hamsters but they are SOOOOOO heavy. I have to take mine up and down stairs to clean. So here's a lighter version. I measured an aquarium and cut the coroplast accordingly. The lids are already made for the different size aquariums so that's easy. t
I really like this idea. I have two new gerbils. They are only about 7 weeks old right now. I have some left over coroplast from my guinea pig cage. I could use it to make one like yours for the gerbils. Do they ever chew on it?
I wouldn't try it for gerbils, gerbils are HUGE chewers (more than hamsters) and would be out of that in a second.
nice! I wouldnt be paranoid about my hamster chewing through the coro although i havnt had hamsters that chew a lot so I dont know what they are capable of lol

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