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Another update with the boys cage

Another update with the boys cage - Guinea Pig Cages

I found some fleece at Walmart that was really reasonably priced. I also Added a hay silo to minimize the hay mess. We'll see how that works out. Tilt love to run through a high pile of hay and he may not be happy with the new setup.
Check around for the fleece. I found some that was $2.47/yr, $1.99/yr, the one pictured was $4.44/yr, and some up to $7.78/yr.
I tried to pick some with darker colors and prints to hide the beans.
Yes, that would be the 3 yr old that doesn't pick up anything and won't stay in a cage. LOL :)
You can always use the sink! I know that would stink, but it would get the job done.

Very cool setup there!
sagwa, I used to wash the towels by hand! I wasn't allowed to use the washing machine either
I throw them in the washer. No one here to tell me not to. I hang them out to dry when it's warm enough or put them in the dryer.
Of course I shake the hay and poops off before it goes in the washer.
When I used to wash towels and fleece first I would take them outside shake them off. Then rinse them off with cold water and dish soap, then take them inside and wash them by hand in a bucket with laundry soap, and let them dry outside. Or I would wash them totally outside. Or I would take them to the laundry matt. It became a hassel, so I stopped. And no one in my house would let me use the washer, and they even got mad when they saw the towels/fleece outside...
But I want to switch back soon. Since it is winter, maybe no one in my family will care. But I got to admitt it is going to be a hassel... But it is a whole lot easier than shavings, or regular bedddings.
Just curious, but I can't tell what the cubes are sitting on. Probably just me... just wondering...

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