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Another shot of the piggy condo

Another shot of the piggy condo - Guinea Pig Cages

Just another angle of the piggy condo
This cage is awesome. I have cage that's the same size and dimensions, but I never got around to finishing the upper level. Now I'm considering doing it, but I'm also getting a cat soon so it would need to be enclosed like this fantastic cage of yours. I wanted to ask you how hard is it to clean out?
I don't think it's hard to clean out. Really no different from just having the bottom level. See the end where the fiddle stick house is? There isn't a grid over it. So to clean the top I just take out the coroplast through that opening and dump it in a trash bag. If you need a lid there, you could just use a small section of the shelving. I would had done that but I have nothing to cut it with.
So glad to see this. I may have to separate my boys and was looking for a way to split a level so that they could see each other. The L-shape is a great idea to split a level of 2x3.
Your cage is really good, I have to have a closed cage because we have a dog and two cats and yours is excellent!
Piggy Pig Lover
You cage is awesome! With some tweaks I will be able to support multiple guinea pigs and not have to worry about them being eaten by my dog. (Which is a westie (critter dog))
I love it, I'm making a 3x3 or 3x4 and so plan on using yours as a model, it looks perfect, I have two cats and a 15 month old to keep out

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