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Almost done C&C like cage

Almost done C&C like cage - Guinea Pig Cages

Little Miss needed a larger cage and I loved the cages here. I have collected several of the wire racks... I work in college town so that was pretty easy. Just put out the word and presto... 5 in one week show up.

I copied one of the cages I have seen here and will continue to improve on it to s
It looks lovely! Are you going to make that 2x4 on top that is currently a storage place a 2nd level later on? Nice stand too! I love all of the storage.
Yes, When she gets a friend or two I will open up the top and put in a ramp. Right now there are dwarf hamsters in there. They are part of my rescue attemp from college kids..lol Two are going out this week.

This is in my scrapbooking room ... so we will spend many hours together.

Thanks, Lisa
what are in those containers? They look like shavings as if they were cages for other animals...
To be honest I just printed a picture of one of the cages here and started building. I ran a line of the shelve squares in the middle and edges of the bottom of the cage and connected.... I guess that is harder to explain on line than I thought. Good luck PS yes the hamster bin cages house dwarf hammies... and the is not shavings but carefresh. It's better for them. Lisa
I've seen lots of bin cages for hammys, bunnys n pigs, they're just smaller equivilents of 10 gallon aquariums, and she says she rescued them from college kids...so she's helping them. Great cage(s). :)

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