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3x3 Open Range

3x3 Open Range

This is/was my first c&c cage I ever made. The side are high, lol, but I like them that high. Right now, I have three boars in there but it is also open range, so they get about 79 sq ft to walk,run, and play in. Outside the cage, I have tunnels, toys, and litter boxes. If they need to go potty, the
Lol, thanks for the great comments. Emily.. They usually have more hay than that, sometimes.. hehe
hehehehe thats a cute piggie!! nice cage...i bet i know what your piggie is thinking right now lol!! (mmmm hay!!)
Just did some adjustments. The cage is now under a table where a 3x3x2.7x1.7 is on top of. I reinforced everything, taking duck tape off, putting clear tape, taping the bottoms incase pee leaks, and took out a tunnel and put a pigloo in there. They also have a basket hay rack, I don't know how that will work out. Next time I clean the cage I'll just use the old hay rack. New pigtures soon, and now only two pigs are in there. Peppy(Brown guinea pig) will be in with another guinea pig, Mr.Stripe. That cage photo will also come up soon.
Very cute. How did you potty train the piggies? We’ve been wanting to do that for a while…!
Its easy otter. Take a litter pan and put their droppings in it for a few days and then let them do their business. it only took mine one day to learn and I have 23 piggies. I love the cage ruby and your piggie too.

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