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3 Storey Accommodation

3 Storey Accommodation - Guinea Pig Cages

Standing almost as tall as me (I'm 5ft 2"), this is Charlie-Parsley and Tuppence-Poppy's new accommodation. It will certainly keep them fit, anyway!
do you have ramps or do they jump to the next level? I have a senior pair of pigs I would love to make it for, but they cant jump anymore. Excellent cage, really love it!
I love your cages they always look so good!! It looks really neat too. How do you keep it so neat?
Kimberly, I have a ramp leading up to the second level, and then just one cube missing in one corner for them to jump up into the third level.

RustBottom: My mum made most of the cage, and being a perfectionist, she wouldn't have it looking untidy (lol). We used cable ties, which makes it look so much neater than the connectors you get with the cubes. The coroplast and carpet were just measured and cut perfectly to size, so they fitted in just right. And the inside of the cage can get a bit messy, with all the poops everywhere, but it's easy enough to hoover out!!
my top level is all wonky LOL.... when i move out it won't be under a bed anymore so all the grids will fit straight up lol... :) love this cage...so very neat..good job mom ;)
Love this cage, it looks like a lot of fun for your piggies. Wish I could go tri-level but two is all I can muster right now. Not to mention I have to see how Nugget reacts when he gets out of quaritine.
Fantastic cage. You can see the amount of effort that has gone into it. Brilliant organisation too. Loving all the little posters etc on the wall as well. I take it you have a spare room dedicated to the pigs? I would love to do that.

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