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3-level C&C

3-level C&C - Guinea Pig Cages

That's wayy cool I am thinking of doing a cage like that myself for my three girls once I pick em up though I might need to make a mine a little bit taller then wide...since I really don't have a ton of space in my house...but this is certainly a nice idea of what I was hoping to go for.
kala83, if you have 3 girls, they would need this much space. A 2x4 is the minimum. Going higher is nice, but the bottom needs to be at least this big.
Well I think in the are I am looking at I should have enough space to do that...and if not I can always move it to somewhere else where it would just re-do some furinture I guess.
Wow! You have an awesome cage! I love it! That is like my dream cage. My two girls are currently living in a regular 2x4 cage- They like it better than the store bought one but I want to build a second level. Have any tips?

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