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2x4 stacked

2x4 stacked

With having to separate Ella and Toffee from the herd I had to re-organise their cage. It is now a 2x4 stacked. Ella and Toffee are up the top, and have a 1x2 kitchen area. Lily, Rosie and Buttercup hang out down the bottom, they also have a 1x2 kitchen area. I have to peg the fleece over the sides
No, you will find you are wrong.

1 girl = 2x2
2 girls = 2x3
3 girls = 2x4
And so on

1 boy = 2x3
2 boys = 2x4
3 boys = 2x5
And so on

Boys need more space then girls and are more territorial.
ok I love the cage i have a similar design except its two spaces from top to bottomand two separated cages...well not any more there all together now!
Yes, it goes well with the purple walls in one of the rooms in my new apartment (though I do want to re-paint it eventually). I picked up some cheap fleece last week, that isn't so appealing (brown, the other one is ok though - red, pink, cream).
pigsforlife here arethe requirements(from guineapigcages.com)

in grids
# of Pigs PREFERRED generally in grids
1 7.5 sq ft more is better 30" x 36" 2x3 grids 27" x 41"
2 7.5 sq ft 10.5 sq feet 30" x 50" 2x4 grids 27" x 56"
3 10.5 sq ft 13 sq feet 30" x 62" 2x5 grids 27" x 71"
4 13 sq ft more is better 30" x 76" 2x6 grids 27" x 84"

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