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2X4 Open with second level

2X4 Open with second level - Guinea Pig Cages

2X4 on grid stand with second level. Plenty of storage room underneath for supplies and large pine-shavings bin to let them air out. The base is 2X5, with the second level over the storage area. This design has worked out best for us so far -- no plans to change it anytime soon.
that bin on the right is the one i use to holdmy hay :) i think it's a great idea...glad we both thought of it!! :)
I actually use it for cleaning -- the handles make it easy to carry to the compost pile, and it holds a weeks worth of piggie poo. They are nice containers, aren't they? I use the cardboard box, tucked under the shelf, for hay, but it's since been moved to the top for easier access.

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