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2x4 + 2x3 bennie and jet in the 2x4 red in the 2x3

2x4 + 2x3 bennie and jet in the 2x4 red in the 2x3 - Guinea Pig Cages

devided 2x4 and 2x3 c&c cage
Really nice! A lot of space for the piggies, and it is looks pretty easy to clean. I bet you have a GREAT time watching your piggers doing popcorns and running about. I mean, com'on, I would too if I were one of your piggies, lol =)

I am using Coroplast. But there are other things you can use. If you need any suggestions let me know. I have lots.
thats a great cage by da way what do baby piggies eat??!? because i got 2 boars 2 days ago and i dont know what to give them to eat! P.S great cage
What are the other things you can use instead of coroplast? Just wondering because I haven't found any coroplast. Thanks

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