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2 x 4 cage with an off-set 2 x 2 upper level & door

2 x 4 cage with an off-set 2 x 2 upper level & door - Guinea Pig Cages

Before I redesigned their cage, the upper level was only a 1 x 2. When my boys were younger and fit together in a smaller pigloo it worked fine, but as they grew, they hung out up there less because they couldn't both fit. My dilema was that I don't have long enough arms to clean under a 2 x 2 upp
You mention free access to the cage during floor time. Do your piggies actually go back home for potty breaks? That is SO cool! How did you train them? :)
I do find poo on the ground but only an occasional pee in hiding spots. They go back in for water, food, a little nap. I leave it open for hours at a time, so I think they know they have the freedom to come and go as they pleae.
You can make a door to have easier acess to underneath the second level. It only takes a couple ties and connectors and maybe a grid or two. :)
Hope this helps, awesome cage!

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