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2 Level Cage for our New Piggies

2 Level Cage for our New Piggies - Guinea Pig Cages

We will be getting 2 piggies on the 22nd. I've built this cage for them. It has top panels that can be folded over when we want it to be closed, or it can be opened up like it is now. I've got some toliet paper rolls I'll toss in with hay in them. Hidey houses are under the 2nd floor. Cage is a
Love the wheels, that was a clever idea. What kind of cart is that?

How do your new piggies like their new home?
The "cart" under the cage is a 2x4 frame (layed on their sides, not stood up), a piece of plywood over that, and the rubber wheeled casters, all from a hardware store. I spray painted it black to blend in to the cage. I used the grids to form a cage bottom so the whole grid cage then sits down on the plywood rolling cart. I drilled holes in the cart at each corner and zip tied the cage down to it. Its super easy to roll away from the wall to clean up around the cage, and with half an inch clearance (designed that way on purpose), I can roll it through any door way in my house if I want to move the pigs to another room for a party or something.

The pigs seem to love it. They go running all over the place in it.

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