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2*6 L Shape

2*6 L Shape - Guinea Pig Cages

I did have a 2*4 with loft but it was to hard to clean.
It looks so lively! I love it - and that's ok that you didn't enjoy the loft - it looks beautiful! I love the colorful tunnels - or whatever you call them - where did you find them or did you make it yourself? I really do like the shape - it's giving me ideas - hmmm... :) Do you have 2 piggies? How much do they weigh? Just kidding, just saw the scale underneath the cage - I ought to get one. Anyways, great cage!
Do they only poo in the litter tray? Or do they poo all over the fleece? How often to you have to wash the fleece? I'm thinking of switching from bedding to fleece (cause bedding is so expensive and cause they make huge messes kicking it out onto the floor) but I have six guineas and I'm afraid I'd have to wash the thing every single day to keep it decent. If they are litter tray trained....how did you do it?
This is the exact plan I have for my future pigs! How cool! lol. Well, except I will have place for the bedding, like where you have the pink fleece, there will be one grid, and then a step to catch the bedding, so it doesn't go on the fleece, and then some bedding and their hay and stuff in there. :)
How sturdy is it to use cubes as a table for the cage? I'm making my cage bigger, and I want her off the floor, but it's hard to find a table that size!! Thanks!
For the litter pans piggies can tell the difference between fleece and carefresh i think they know where to pee and stuff (my piggie uses litter tray and i didnt even have to teach him :D)

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